August 23, 2009

Rediculously Madness Sexs...tisfaction

To stand beside my Gipang 83H & be partner to my SP78EXH, now i'll present you my new upcoming madness, be speechless to annouce my SW10000XG spouse...

:: La Grande Mer Super Popping SP80M ::
Super Popping (SP) : series are most suitable for casting large mouthed surface poppers but can be used for large pencil poppers. Primarily a GT rod but some accomplished caster have managed to catch big YFTs with this rod, certainly not for the beginners in the popping technique. Newer LGM series which improved version of SP79M, designed for chugger primarily & still can work with heavier stickbait either surface or sinking types. 2 in 1. Love to believe my friend will courier this to me another 2-3 week. Brand new that very rare & hard to found & also make my account drop fastly and my wallet become tiny...

Another Rockin' Collection

:: Shooting Torpedo ::

comparison from left : Adhek MyGirl, Heru Ulua & FCLLABO SP

Fantastic Built

Was tested on my last trip to Rompin. Just landed 3 Sailfish from 25kg to 40kg. Fix this lure by single fisherman spinoza size 10/0 jigging hook. Owesome working performance for sinking stickbait. Weight : 75g. On that trip, i beat another boat (6 boats i think) which using Live Bait but only can landed 1 sailfish overall. Thank for Steven & Sky make me more poisoned by Sailfish popping. I'll get more colour & size of this Squidpencil & always keep it in my lure box for my any popping trip. It's rockin' damnn good stickbait.

:: Diving Submarine ::

Andaman 185, 250 & 310, Crazy Long 320

rare species : andaman pink luminous & all black

:: Rockin' Jig Bag ::

Shout Long Jig Bag : can put 10nos long jig
Shout Short Jig Bag : can put up to 20 small jig

August 20, 2009

ThE NeXt ToP LuReS

Design by Japanese Tsurusaki Yoshitaka who was dealing with alot of ultimate performance lure design with DUEL & Atelier GL. One of the EVERGREEN pro staff. For begining, i kept 2 of 75g Squidpencil & 1 of 140g EBIPOP SC in my lure box. Need to test this lure for popping Sailfish on my next early October trip. Maybe need to bring along on East Java Trip.

Now In My Garage !!!!!!!

>---->>> Carpenter LGM Super Popping SP78EXH <<<----<

developed by Konishi San

My new crime ultimate heavyweight popping rod. Was born as Ultimate Super Fighter for Monsterous Ferocious GT. Paired with 08 Stella SW10000XG as a perfect couple with full filled PE6(80lbs) Varivas Avani GT Max Power. One of the High Response Carpenter's GT series. Need more heavy expedition to test it.

10kg drag testing

Specs :-
  • Lenght 7'8"
  • Rod Weight 410g
  • Max Lure weight 250g
  • Max Drag 13kg
  • Fit PE8 ~ PE12

>---->>> EVERGREEN Poseidon SpinJerker PE4 <<<----<

Paired this owesome rockin' rod with 08 Stella SW8000PG + PE4 Zenaq Jigger Trust Line.

Specs :-
  • Lenght 4'10"
  • Jig Weight 6oz (150g~220g recomended)
  • PE4 Line
Features :-
  • Titan Coating Stainless Frame & SIC Guide
  • BONANZA Coating
  • Blanks Trough Straight Grip
  • Non-Slip Coating Reel Seat
  • Original Grip End

Baitcaster Jigging Arsenal

::. Accurate Boss Magnum 665H Narrow .::

loaded with Zenaq PE6 Jigger Trust Line

::. Shimano Ocea Blue Rose .::

Model of Full-Gene

Nice pairing with 665

Extreme Angler Custom Rod

::. Extreme Anglers PE5 Deep Jigging Custom Rod .::

Paired with Stella 08 SW20000PG

::. Extreme Angler PE1.8 Jigging Custom Rod ::.

Paired with Stella SW5000

August 04, 2009

Collection of Expedition Jig

Just bought this jigs for my coming Expedition. Focus on heavy jigging for targeting Doggie & AMJ.

Sevenseas , Fisherman & MgCraft


Crazy Long Jig : from the concept "big fish is eating large food", and was completed through the repeated test. The motion by the asymmetrical long and slender body is funky and irregular action. This jig also similar to the silhouette of the Pacific saury which attracts attention as a bait fish is the target popular all over the country in recent years.The target is from a huge dogtooth tuna to amberjack. However the lightness at the time of the retrieve is very good, so that it is called by "the ultra high speed jig"" and another name.

Andaman Jig : named by testing in Indian Ocean Andaman Islands. Was developed as an object for aiming big monsterous. The form of tiny rear is design for the purpose of the side slide.

Andaman & Crazy Long Jig

All Black Andaman 250g, Sakura Andaman 310g & Majorra Crazy Long Jig 320g

MgCraft & SevenSeas
Skill Jig-L : MG Craft has collaborated with Hot's Kei Hiramatsu Hot's to make the Skill Gamma jig. When jigged in short pumps or jerks it'll produce typical side to side action thus enticing hits from large predator fish. The design of the jigs truly represents Hots on this one because of the color scheme of each jig. Each jig has 3 types of hologram coatings incorporated to the sides producing a very appealing jig.
The Hooker 1 : King of Fast Darting Ocean Jig. Using concept "Dirt Panic", which can feel the vibration at speed jigging. Hard to apply.

Skill Jig-L 380g & The Hooker 1 380g

Hand Made MgCraft Skill Jig-L

Natural Dark Metal
Dogtooth Special Colour
Hologram Sticker