October 26, 2009

East Java - The Fallen

Firstly, i have not enough time to post the East Java CR due to my dateline for finishing my incoming project documentation. So herewith i attached some CR photos which advertised by Pak Adhek through his web.

link : East Java

link : Bali

Overall trip is just awesome although less catch landing by us. The important things is what i learn in this trip, not the catched. This is what people said that money can't buy. Thanks for 7 Star services from all the ASF Crews from we reach the Airport till return back to Airport. Thank you very much & probably we will see you soon. Very soon..............

Anglers :
1. Mukhtar
2. Botak
3. Amir
4. Me

ASF Crews :
1. Pak Adhek ~ Popping Pioneer
2. Pak Komang ~ Best Arrangement
3. Paul ~ Best Assist
4. Kasmir ~ Best Captain
5. Franky ~ GT Lovers

Just Wait,
LOMBOK Kuwe Gerong, Revenge of The Fallen