May 02, 2010

Karang Luas, Celebration of Labour Day Fiesta

Invited by Wan Izhan to join this trip just after a week we back from OilRig Fishing. At the 1st, i'm thinking not to join this trip but suddenly i need to get back to Temerloh for settle down personal things. So as long as i've been there, why not ? So i informed Wan Izhan that i'm in.

Pekan Outfit :
.::: Poseidon OceanHunter POHS70 + SW5000 + PE2.5
.::: Poseidon SpinJerker Light PSPJ603-5L PE2.5 + SG3500 + PE2
.::: Smith KGS70MH PE2-5 + SG4500 + PE4
.::: 30g-60g jigs
.::: 40g-50g Pintail Tune
.::: 40g-80g popper & stickbait

Link to the Wan Izhan : Pekan 1st May 2010