June 25, 2009

Preparation for Terengganu, Pulai Oil Field Popping & Jigging Expedition

Since i booked this slot from Che Mat (Captain) last year. I've a lot of time to prepare my set-up arsenals, physical, mental & absolutely experiences.

Arsenals to bring along for this Expedition.

::. Hot's Gipang 83 + Stella SW10000XG + Avani GT PE5
::. Carpenter SP78EX + Stella SW10000XG + Avani GT PE6

::. Saltiga Hiramasa + Saltiga Z4500 + UltraJigman PE4
::. EA Deep Jigging Custom + Stella SW20000 + Avani GT PE6

Bulu Casting
::. GM Earthshaker + Stella SW5000HG + Avani Jigging PE2

::. Not in list right now in term of it's popping & jigging expedition for me

::. Heru - cubera, ulua
::. ASF - gecko, bell, my girl, young lady
::. Kaiser - el toro
::. Cheapo luminous poppers

::. 7C revolver 150g-250g
::. 7C hookers 120g-160g
::. Javeline 150g
::. Runaway
::. JM rocket 220g
::. Ima Ro
::. Luminous white rabbit
::. Sabpolo

Still waiting for delivery of my EA Deep Custom Jigging Rod & Carpenter SP78EX. Perhaps deliver to me on next week.

June 24, 2009

Defeat at 06 Reef & Russian Wreck

This is my 2nd time visiting Penang Russian Wreck. So I've make some improvement for my set-up early. I left my house 8.00am in the morning Jun18,09 straight to Damansara for pick-up my buddy, the Champ Chubby Prince. Arrrgh, traffic jam along the way there... can i arrive till afternoon through this traffic...hmmmm. Arrival at Prince house around 9.30am. I have to move faster to arrive at the jetty around 1pm. Gentleman...Start your engine....Let's race.
Just like before kick-off start
We arrive at the jetty at 1.30pm, and all our buddies were load their stuff on the boat. Just waiting for us. Sorry bro.. so many traffic problem & so many road block too....
Captain : It's ok... but both of you must load all the ice cube...hehe3..

WR water condition

We arrive at Russian Wreck around 5.00pm, after waiting till 9.00pm, we only land a couple of fish... where the hell of all this fish......hmmmm. Boring for waiting , our Captain offer cruising about 20nm to 06Reef. Ding-dong-ding-dong discussion among otai2, we agreed to moved there. My new journey begin.
Arrival at 06Reef, all of us start using bulu's for casting season. Just after 4 cast, our bulu's was attack by group of bigeye... 1 by 1, the bigeye landed by bulu's.... no photos cause all excited for casting lesen... me with my PE1.8 custom EA by kenny landed 3 of bigeye just in 10 minutes...hehe. After that just sleeping season for me cause all of them do bottom fishing.....
Early in the morning our boat happening again when group of tenggiri start attacking bulu's.... casting mambong lure was not attractive anymore to this tenggiri. It's just only attacking bulu's lure....
I'm jigging alone beside the boat also can't attract this all of fish...jigging for nothing...hmmm, walaweh... i got kerapu...oh Nooooo... it's only "karangpu" la... shit... lost my new 150g 7C revolver....
I keep back my jigging gear in cabin road holder & come back for casting bulu accompanies Prince at the back..... after Prince release the line around 50m to 60m, he make 1 smooth jerk spin. Prince : I think some thing holding my bulu la.... big cupak or Gt maybe.....

After fighting for 5min, the golden shine approach for the water... walaweh...you must kidding me la... can't do like that la bro, Angchor attacked bulu ka.... tiu na seng... 1st time in this GT Challenger for this size of Golden Snapper landed by bulu... please don't do it again hehe.. nanti orang marah ooo

We just stop casting till 9.30am and back to the jetty.

06R water condition, little bit wavy & choppy

memorable cert. & trophy participation of IGFA LIGFT by our Captain A Sia

another some cert. & memorable photos

huge & clean back space

comfortable enough

side space & railing for rod holder

comfortable & clean cabin

hanging rod holder inside cabin

some beemer arsenal :p

arsenal..arsenal...kancil oso can ar..

front space for popping

side space

another side space

captain : C.S.Lim, don't know ar... A Sia lor

Top crew Pak Abu : the only one

you must be kidding me..
never see angchor landed by bulu yet. Congrats bro, you are step ahead from me :p

another one ?????
ok bro, you the champ. I'll surrender

so big la this angchor..... hmmmmm maybe this type that they call BANTAL

posing again & again hehe..

i also want to posing with this champ, like i've seen this posing before... where ?

the only one cobia landed

some of our catches

in frame

bigeye jacks

spanish tenggiri.... only attacking bulu for meal ????

June 11, 2009

Preparation for Revisit Russian Wreck

I was invite again by some kaki's from Kuala Kedah for joining them in GT Challenger to Russian Wreck for the second time. Same kaki's, same boat, same guide, same spot but new preparation since i not doing any research for my 1st trip there before. Now i'll come back with new suitable preparation for any type of fishing style that they apply.

Set-up Preparation

Popping : Hot Gipang + Stella 10000XG + Varivas PE5
Jigging : Saltiga Hiramasa + Saltiga z4500 + YGK PE4
Lure Casting : Golden Mean Earthshaker + Saltiga 3500 + Varivas PE2
Bulu Casting : ExtremAnglers + Stella 5000 + YGK PE2
Bottom : "X malu borrow" Xzoga + Torium 20 + PE5

Popper : Some Heru Ulua + Heru Cubera + Adhek Gecko + Adeck My girl ::80g~130g::
Jig : Some 7C Hooker 1 + 7C Revolver + Runaway + Blanka & ect ::80g~250g::
Light Casting Lure : Some Jackson PinTail + Ima Honeytrap 95S + SureCatch ::40g~95g::
Bulu : Some Custom Made Bulu by my kaki's

Spanish Mackerel, GT, Bigeye, Mambo, Grouper & Snapper