October 19, 2010

Revisit GT Chaser

After few months can't commit for any fishing trip due to tight working schedule, now I'm back for so-so action wif kakis on A.Ho-San GT Chaser.

Didn't know what to bring along. Need to dig my store looking for tools. What in my head right now are :-

Smith KGS70 + Stella 10000 + PE4
Poseidon POHS70 + Stella 5000 + PE2
Poseidon PSPJ603L-5 + Saltiga 3500 + PE2
Poseidon PSPJ410 + Saltiga 4500 + PE4
some 40g-100g popper
some 50g-280g jig
some 30g-50g casting lure

WHAT ELSE..... bantai je la, as long i can fish shud be ok :)

October 08, 2010


F1 Ebek
Guide : Azahar MJ
Location : Karang Luas
Rod : Poseidon Spinjerker PSPJ603L-5
Reel : Saltiga Game
Line : PE2 TuffLine
Jig : Gold-Orange ImaGun

June 24, 2010

BacK in ActioN !!!!! Jig~Pop Pulai Jun2010

Rockin' Arsenal :-
Rod : Poseidon Spinjerker Light PSPJ603L-5
Reel : Saltiga Game 3500
Line : TuffLine XP 20lbs
Leader : YGK Fluoro No.12
Jig : FZ Diomond Eye 80g

:: Stella SW5000 + OceanHunter POHS70 + PE3

:: Saltiga Z4500 + Spinjerker PSPJ410 + PE4

:: Stella SW10000 + KGS70MH + PE5

:: Saltiga 6000GT + LGM SP80M + PE6


May 02, 2010

Karang Luas, Celebration of Labour Day Fiesta

Invited by Wan Izhan to join this trip just after a week we back from OilRig Fishing. At the 1st, i'm thinking not to join this trip but suddenly i need to get back to Temerloh for settle down personal things. So as long as i've been there, why not ? So i informed Wan Izhan that i'm in.

Pekan Outfit :
.::: Poseidon OceanHunter POHS70 + SW5000 + PE2.5
.::: Poseidon SpinJerker Light PSPJ603-5L PE2.5 + SG3500 + PE2
.::: Smith KGS70MH PE2-5 + SG4500 + PE4
.::: 30g-60g jigs
.::: 40g-50g Pintail Tune
.::: 40g-80g popper & stickbait

Link to the Wan Izhan : Pekan 1st May 2010

April 27, 2010

Trip to Cure My Itchyness

Bring my camera but pity for loosing it's power over there. So just share the report posted by Wan Izhan.

Sum :
::. Good fight for popping nice size of Bigeye using light KGS70MH + PE4.
::. More exciting for fighting the nice size of Bigeye using PSPJ603L-5 + PE2.

Checkout this Link : 18-22 April 2010

February 22, 2010

2010 New Intake !!!!!



OH56MH-S ; PE5-8

January 20, 2010

Jarak Isle : Jan15-17, 2010

Boat : GT Chaser
Guide : Kapitan Ah-Ho
Anglers : Darren, Marcus, Daniel Hoe, Daniel & Me
No more explanation, just look & enjoy the photos....:p

cuttlefish on honeytrap

nice catch by GM rod

by FCLLABO squidpencil

nice bend of KGS70MH

ease to lift by PSPJ 410
another shab-shab

spinjerker light in action

biggies MJ on shab-shab