October 19, 2010

Revisit GT Chaser

After few months can't commit for any fishing trip due to tight working schedule, now I'm back for so-so action wif kakis on A.Ho-San GT Chaser.

Didn't know what to bring along. Need to dig my store looking for tools. What in my head right now are :-

Smith KGS70 + Stella 10000 + PE4
Poseidon POHS70 + Stella 5000 + PE2
Poseidon PSPJ603L-5 + Saltiga 3500 + PE2
Poseidon PSPJ410 + Saltiga 4500 + PE4
some 40g-100g popper
some 50g-280g jig
some 30g-50g casting lure

WHAT ELSE..... bantai je la, as long i can fish shud be ok :)


D'factored said...

10k ?? The GT's are in for a surfing good time !! :D

Oce@ said...

We kene bantai by typhoon over there last that time :(