February 18, 2009

Ultimate MiddleWeight Popping Stick

..:: HOT'S GIPANG 83H ::..
My new popping rod by Hot's. Grab this rod from my friend after waiting & searching for my ultimate GT popping rod within 2 month. Paired with Stella 08 SW10000XG + ridiculously cost PE5 Varivas Avani GT Max Power.

Come with three model of GT Special Popping Rod. PE5/8 with Silver Spacer for 83H, PE6/10 with Blue Spacer for 79XH & PE8/12 with Red Spacer for 75XXH.

This is New Concept G.T rod by HOT'S which lighter weight. So can cast popper a long day without tiring.
Model : Hot's Gipang 83H
Lure Max : 200g
Line : PE5~PE8
Length : 8'3"
Long Casting Special

Machine Cut Aluminium Spacer
Fuji Reel Seat

Fully built with Fuji SIC Guide

Simple design but........
~ performances more important than design ~

Hot's Field Test

Golden Mean EarthShaker

Light Jigging Rod for paired with my Saltiga Game 3500 + PE3 Varivas Avani Jigging 10x10. It just perfect for light jigging at Pekan & PD. Rated PE2~PE3. Stand at 6'3" & fully built with FUJI SIC guide. Very Light weight.
Golden Mean

Golden Mean Custom Saltwater Rod

Model : ASS-63
Jig : 3oz~4oz ( 85g~115g)
Length : 6'3"

Golden Mean Custom FUJI Reel Seat

Soft top tip for best performance jigging action

Daiwa Saltiga Z4500

New Entry of My Reel Collection

..::: SALTIGA Z4500 :::..

The elder of my Saltiga Family
Paired this reel with SALTIGA Hiramasa PE5 for medium heavy jigging. Loaded with 300mtr YGK Ultra Jigman X8 PE5.

ABS ( Anti Backlash System )


Some Anglers doubt about this decorative hole be the week point.

DIGIGEAR for optimized speed, power & durability

1 pcs Stainless Steel Bail Arm

Japan Made

Upgred to Carbontex Drag Washer

1pcs Aluminium Handle & Upgred Aluminium Power Knob

Technical Specification
Model : Z4500
Gear Ratio : 4.9
Ball Bearing : 14+1
Weight : 570g
Drag Pressure : 10kg (more than 15kg after upgred)
Spool Capasity : PE3/300m , PE4/220m

  • Real 4 Technology
  • Hyper Digigear
  • ABS Spool
  • Twistbuster II
  • XL Line Roller
  • Sealed Saltwater Proof Hyper Tournament Drag
  • Sealed Line Roller
  • Sealed Gear Box
  • AirBail
  • Rugged Distortion Free Super Metal Body
  • Rotor Break to Prevent Accidental Bail Closure
  • 1 Piece Machined Aluminium Handle
  • Dual Stopper Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Washable Construction
  • Ultra Precision Computer Designed Marine Bronze Gearing
  • 0 Friction Main Shaft
  • Rugged Advance Level Wind

Some of My Jigs Collection

::. jigs.....jigs.....jigs .::

Waterproof Shout "Fisherman's Tool" Jig Bag

from left :
i) Sevensea Revolver RS200 Pink Silver, RS150 Gold Green, RS150 Blue Silver & RS150 Gold Red
ii) Shimano Buterfly 80g Pink Silver
iii) Power Jig 80g Red Head
iv) Cheapo 90g Bonito
v) Daiwa Squid 80g
vi) White Rabbit 40g
vii) Ever Green Caprice Kid 50g Blue Silver CP05 & Pink Silver CP01
viii) Eupro 60g Blue Silver & 40g Green Silver
ix) Yozuri Metalic Sardine Silver Blue 30g

Sevenseas Revolver RS-200 & RS-150

60g ~ 150g

White Rabbit 200g

Cheapo 150g ~ 220g jigs

February 09, 2009

Adhek Bali Popper

My New Intake Poppers

.:: Adhek Bali ::.
Designer : Adhek Amerta
Made : Bali, Indonesia
Skill : Popping Expert
Title : Indonesian Professional Angler & Guide
Popper Craft
Body built by selected High Quality of wood, stabilizer made of hardened stainless steel, come with stainless steel wire and complete with 300lbs heavy duty swivel.

I've just dreaming to have this popper collection before & now get this popper personally from Pak Adhek. Very nice & humble person. High quality of "Artistic" painting & Incredible Hand Made Popper. Now my dreams just come true.

.:: Adhek Bali Big Gecko ::.
Subtype : Chugger
Description : A super popper good for long range casting & producing incredible splash, sound & straight on water to attract fishes in most condition of sea.
Weight : 160 gram
Length : 19 cm
Recomended Hook : 2 treble hooks, size 5/0

Customly named

Adhek Bali

.:: Adhek Bali Mini Gecko ::.
Subtype : Chugger
Description : Same characteristics as Big Gecko but smaller
Weight : 120 gram
Length : 16 cm
Recomended Hook : 2 treble hooks, size 4/0

The new release come with hologram colours

customly named


Absorted type of hologram

.:: Adhek Bali Cuttle ::.
Subtype : Chugger
Description : Produces splash, sound & straight in flat calm & blue water.
Weight : 160 gram
Length : 15 cm
Recomended Hook : 2 treble hooks, size 5/0

Customly named
incredible painted

Adhek Bali

.:: Adhek Bali Bell ::.
Subtype : Chugger
Description : Good for casting against the wind while creating the splash, sound & straight effects.
Weight : 130 gram
Length : 18 cm
Recomended Hook : 2 treble hooks, size 4/0
Incredible Hologram Design

.:: Adhek Bali PomPom ::.
Subtype : Chugger
Description : This excellent lure creates big splashing in the water surface.
Weight : 160 gram
Length : 20 cm
Recomended Hook : 2 treble hooks, size 5/0
Big Head
Adhek Bali

Special Popper dedicated to my wife

.:: Adhek Bali My Girl ::.
Subtype : Pencil/Swimmer
Description : Choppy or multiple baits at surface. For All water condition, creates sound and horizontal zigzaging effects.
Weight : 120 gram
Length : 18 cm
Recomended Hook : 2 treble hooks, size 4/0
Look at the body, like the women body shape. Maybe this is why it's call My girl.
Incredible Hologram Built
Adhek Bali
Special dedicated to my lovely wife : Mimie

.:: Adhek Bali Young Lady ::.
Subtype : Pensil/Swimmer
Description : Same characeristics as My Girl but Longger & bigger.
Weight : 140 gram
Length : 25 cm
Recomended Hook : 2 treble hooks, size 5/0
Young Lady : bigger than My Girl but smaller than Ocean Lady
Pensil/swimmer : produce zigzag action
special dedicated to my lovely wife : Mimie
Adhek Bali