February 08, 2011

Reproject New Pages

After being problem to edit this pages, i officially launch the new page as link below : Oce@

February 01, 2011

NC : best trip 2date !!!

I think my back bending more than this stick :p

Rod : Carpenter Super Popping SP80M PE6-8
Reel : Stella SW 16000 SOM
Line : Varivas Avani GT SMP PE8

Will post others photo later :p

January 24, 2011

Pekan STOIN" Season

Herewith the link when Wan Izhan & me off to Pekan water on STOIN" SEASON. :p


Total Catch :-
9 Ebek Kapak + Bulat
1 Golden Trevally
1 Coral Trout
some grouper

Arsenals :
:::OceanHunter POHS70 + SW5000 + PE2
:::Spinjerker PSPJ603L-5 + Game3500 + PE2
:::Pintail Tune 40g
:::Ima Gun 30g - 40g
:::Caprice Kid 50g
:::Metallic Sardine 30g - 50g
:::Tsurujig 60g

January 11, 2011

Last Hit on GT Chaser

Rod : PE2.5 Poseidon SpinJerker PSPJ603L-5
Reel : Saltiga 3500
Line : 20 lbs Tuffline
Jig : 120g Adhek Inchiku Jig
Species : Jarak M.J
Weight : 12 lbs

October 19, 2010

Revisit GT Chaser

After few months can't commit for any fishing trip due to tight working schedule, now I'm back for so-so action wif kakis on A.Ho-San GT Chaser.

Didn't know what to bring along. Need to dig my store looking for tools. What in my head right now are :-

Smith KGS70 + Stella 10000 + PE4
Poseidon POHS70 + Stella 5000 + PE2
Poseidon PSPJ603L-5 + Saltiga 3500 + PE2
Poseidon PSPJ410 + Saltiga 4500 + PE4
some 40g-100g popper
some 50g-280g jig
some 30g-50g casting lure

WHAT ELSE..... bantai je la, as long i can fish shud be ok :)

October 08, 2010


F1 Ebek
Guide : Azahar MJ
Location : Karang Luas
Rod : Poseidon Spinjerker PSPJ603L-5
Reel : Saltiga Game
Line : PE2 TuffLine
Jig : Gold-Orange ImaGun