January 16, 2009

Daiwa Monster Mesh M632 MHS

Memory of broken Monster Mesh Rod.
Broken Date : April 16, 2008
Location : Tanjung Tuan Water
Fishing : Jigging
Cause : Miss Handling

Monster Mesh

Produce By Daiwa

Fuji Reel Seat

Fuji SIC Guild

PE 3-6, Jig 150g-250g, Max Drag 11Kg

Model : M632MHS
Joint Butt : 6' 3"

January 14, 2009

Terengganu Oil Rigs

May31,2008 ~ June4,2008
I get this trip slot when Sham, my buddy from Kedah offer to me 2 month before. I just confirm to him for joining it when his first call. Actually, for joining this trip i want to improve my popping & jigging skill in deep water ( 60mtr~90mtr).
My Setup :-
Rod : Saltiga Hiramasa SG58H PE5
Reel : Saltiga Game 3500
Line : YGK Ultra Jigman 35lbs
Shock Leader : Varivas 80lbs
Jig : 80g ~220g
Rod : Custom Xzoga PE2-4
Reel : Stella SW5000HG
Line : Xzoga PE2
Shock Leader : Varivas 80lbs
Popper : 80g ~ 110g
Take 24 hours from jeti Kuala Besut Terengganu to get the last Oil Rig (Pulai) at ZEE border of Indonesian water. This trip need more patient & tough mind. There are no bottom fishing apply in this trip. Fully popping & jigging. So there are no Gred A fish caught like snapper & grouper. This boat can loaded 12 anglers + 1 tekong & 3 boatman. Triple deck for sleep & rest, toilet. Of course there are sonar, fish finder, GPS & satellite phone equip in this boat. No drop anchor cause the boat was drifting when fishing.
Like to join my next expedition there, pm me at eidi_jmds@yahoo.com
date july10,09 ~ july14, 09
same place, same boat, same target but must renew my personal GT record

take photos first after feel bored for waiting 12 hours journey to Dulang Oil Rig (1st Spot)

Another beauty scenery while our next spot still long-long way to go. Another 12 hours to Pulai Oil Rig

after sleep & eat for first 24 hours, i just get my energy for looking at first oil rig..... time for fishing

oil rig at night, all GT & pelagic fish are hunting for small fish near the oil rig column & below the api boreng

Ready for fishing

my first 12kg Spanish mackerel on 150g yozuri blanka jig

my buddy, Wahab with Big Eye Trevally, behind him is Che Mat our Marvelous Tekong

GT for Kenduri

Overall Catches

Next time we'll try spearfishing style here
OMG... this is real GT

Summary :
For this trip we have to standby our tackle properly cause there are so many Big & powerful GT there. I just loose 200mtr my line twice from my Saltiga Game. Shame on me for under estimate. Make sure bring 2 set of jigging & 2 set of popping tackle for trip unless you want to loose your time reloaded your line to reel.
Suitable Tackle :
Rod : Jigging PE2-5, Popping PE4-6
Reel : best drag & line can loaded 300mtr++
Line : PE5-6
Shock Leader : 80lbs above

January 12, 2009

Daiwa Squid Jig 80gram

my special jig just for catch snapper & grouper at night. Hologram & fluorescent body can charge some light when diving in the water around 3~5 minutes. it just like the real squid which it's glow on the dark
very daring face

weight : 80 gram

luminous hologram & fluorescent body