July 23, 2009

The Deadliest Catch

Terengganu Oil & Gas Field. This trip will cover Dulang, Bekok, Seligi, Tinggi & Pulai. Located around 180nm from Kuala Besut Jetty. It's take about 22hrs~24hrs non stop journey from jetty by local fisherman boat.
This is place that we want to conquer.
our team member from left Juragan M.Aris, Prince Ainiel, Inspektor Pink Laili, Tobeng Enal, Me, Our Captain Che Mat, Mat Ishak Dry, RadziV, and sitting down from left Chef Along, Prof Chot & Navy Nizam The Sailorman.

Get some last discussion about our last trip there. Hopefully success as before.

Loading our stuff & need at LKIM Kuala Besut Jetty.

Easy access to jetty & parking at our Captain House.

Too many stuff to carry.... is it possible...

Our Boat. Sapura TRF881 own by Che Mat the local fisherman who only dare to fish far away as Pulai just to fill our satisfaction.

The up stair deck, not too comfortable but for me, better than nothing... can manage to load our luggage & just nice to 6~8 person in term to sleepzzzzzzzz..

Covered by canvas, so can open for easy natural wind come inside for ventilation.

front deck, extra fresh water needed as our trip is 5days 4nights.

need to arrange our tool & equipment properly to make sure our comfortable..

this is i mean our stuff...hehe

enough for 15 person

On the journey some kaki's manage to make their last preparation, tieing leader & so on- so on...

Prepare rod holder for trolling.....

The journey Begin.....

July 11,09
We left Kuala Besut Jetty around 10.00am & assume to reach our 1st spot, Dulang around 10 at the night. It's is the long & boring journey which take 12hrs for arrive at our 1st pit stop. I declare to other kaki's to sleep since all of them just chatting around and tieing their leader & prepare their set-up. I just fixed it at home already. So no more tieing on the bot. I need some rest after driving from KL which take 7hrs at 700km. I feel so tired & sick at my back. Sleep might be help.
After wake-up from my "chiky sleepzz", there are still have my kaki's can't manage to sleep. I think they are very exited right know coz this is his 1st trip there. In term i feel better right know, i prepare some of my setup at the front deck.
We reached Dulang Rig around 10.30pm, & as usual before they drop their jig, i have to land my 1st trophy with my Saltiga . Dulang normally home for Bigeye & rainbow runner. But no rainbow runner landed that night. We only landed 12 of Bigeye Jackal 4~7kg. 4 landed by me...
We have to stop our jigging sensation this time coz the super duper Mother of S.E wind hit us at 11.30pm. I & my buddy Prof Chot try to jig, but nothing we can do... We defeat by nature. Our condition at this time just like boarding Northwestern at the Bering Sea in the Deadliest Catch. The different is our bot are so tiny compare their boat which conduct by Captain Sig.hehehhehe

Our tekong proposed we anchor behind the Puteri Dulang Platform for safety since 8 from 10 of our kaki's are trauma & seasick. Cannot stand at all, how to jiggg.. so we manage to sleepzzz & drop the bottom arsenal to do their job....

Aris Juragan posing.... but the date at this pic must be wrong i think...

July 12,09

Our journey continue at 10.00 on the morning but the S.E wind not like to stop hitting us part by part..We moved to Bekok which usually take 4 hours. But in this wavy scenario we reach there about 6 hours. No picture taken at this day since 8 of our mate still trauma & seasick. Rest of them vomit a long day until nothing more to pull out. This time we call "puasa" before the season coz the some of the Vomit Member which we call them Vomittee cannot eat at all. Not just eat, even drink also can't & they just laying on the deck all day...wuarrggg..wuaarrgh.. this time we know who are the fit & tough guy...hehehehehe can't declare you are the Hardcore Anglerzzzz la..
Since our mate laying on deck floor for take their breath, me, Along Crew & Prof Chot manage to apply new tactical of jigging... by sitting la wei... can not stand at all.. wave hitting us about 3m~6m height... it's not choppy anymore..it's crazy wavy & windy.. sometime our bot was hit by crazy wavy which also damage our nasi for lunch.... our nasi become salty porridge..hehehe
All rest of this day we cannot landed any fish, even can't fish anymore... so our tekong board us to our next spot and hope this S.E wind can leave us. As our guess, this wind just following us wherever we go... so no choice of us. Who among us dare to jig in this condition continue our mission.. as usually only me, Along Crew, Prof Chot & Juragan Aris(on/off) love to try.... another mate still laying on the deck floor for ICU condition...hehehehe
After boring on this situation, we ask our Captain boarding to our next pit stop...The GT Triangle (Seligi, Tinggi & Pulai). Another 5hrs to 6hrs needed to reach there on this carzy wavy condition. As usual, only me, Along Crew, Prof Chot & Juragan Aris dare to jigging in this situation. We landed 2 GT, 5kg-8kg and forgot about 5 bigeye 4kg-6kg on jig. I try to cast my Adhek Gecko Popper but the distance we cast only about 20m & can't reach the spot. The wind quite strong this time so i can see my popper fly away from my target cast... how to poppppp... so kept back my popping gear & continue jigging for bigeye...
I cast my jig near the rig structure & jig faster... suddenly i feel shock from fish attacked but the fish more faster to cut away my leader & take home my 7C revolver...tiu na ma.... what the hell of fishhhhh this is... perhaps tenggiri or barracuda... Suddenly Prof Chot who jig beside me got stike from fish.... after fighting around 5 minutes, about 7kg tenggiri lay on his jig & the kevlar assist just broken when the gaff touch it's body... we just lucky at this time...
i lost about 3 numbers of my favorite jig by feeding this tenggiri here & we ask our tekong go to our next spot for ambush the mysterious GT .

Lepak for light jigging of Cermins.

July 13, 09

We lepak-lepak at nearest "Unjam" for group of cermin sensation. We landed about 130 cermin here with our light arsenal. Some of us still in the deck coz the wavy not stop yet & more crazy than before at this "Unjam". We can see the wave are higher than our boat... at this time our captain show his skill to cleave the crazy wavy.
We just start our jigging session at 5 on that evening. And again we visit our greatest spot hopefully there are GT there... after jigging for few hours, can only landed 3 GT, 7kg to 12kg and some bigeye scale 4kg to 6kg... it's frustrated feeling cause we have to move back tonight slowly to the jetty by stopover at Seligi, Bekok & Dulang again .... Huaarrrr.... It's ok maybe the weather condition not support us this time, so it will be another time to visit.... next year lor...

July 14, 09

We reach Bekok at 12pm and jig for few hours before we went to dulang. We landed some Bigeye scale 4kg~6kg here.
We move to dulang for last jigging & bulu casting before we back to the jetty. We reach dulang around 4pm and make our last session jigging & bulu casting. I landed 2 of Rainbow Runner on Bulu 2kg~4kg with 4 occupide strike. No more luck for us on this trip....perhaps next year the weather will compromise with us... good bye oil rig...see you next year..

last battle from Prof Chot

But was taxes by something.....

the last day we can see this face out from cave...
Tobeng Enal(front) with King of Vomittee (Prince Ainiel)

jig for the last time luck..

Along Crew

me with the last catch rainbow runner

our deadliest catch

Our Knocked Out Team...:p

July 07, 2009

Shout Roxxxxx

.:: Waterproof Shout Jigger Bag II ::.
Eyeing for this bag for a couple of month since my mate show it to me at his tackle shop. Although i just already own a few tackle bags, this bag more reliable for my usage. I just love to own this super-duper waterproof system bag in my collection. Another dollar came out from my tiny pocket... it can make me bankrupt....
Wearing a spindrift, on board fishing rock. Cases with jig, popper, reel, spare spool, pliers & etc
The tools used to want to put Jig & popper is the best in the Cabinet. This bag is waterproof, durable EVA material. Able to protect the equipment from shock from the outside so crammed into the urethane foam. And other tools can be divided in partition case of heavy jig can be set freely Velcro. If you can concentrate on the fish thoroughly in the bag with the features you really need.
Size : W41cm x D25cm x H27cm
Colour : Black

Fisherman's Tool

Super Concept for SaltWater Anglers

Can remove the front pocket & be moved together with velcro tape in a compartment to put in.

FishBone not the MonkeyBone

Front pocket & velcro tape for holding pliers & etc..

Completely waterproof after closing it's zip. No more splashing from saltwater & rain come inside.
Shoulder belt for support the entire bag

Just Fix System with Shout Separate Jigging Bag II

Adjustable partition for easy manage of tools arrangement.

New Crime Super Deep Diving Machine

.:::. Shimano Stella 08 SW20000PG .:::.

Are you ready for the best spinning reel ever created? Fishing for hard hitting, line burning thugs such as GTs, Tuna and Marlin? Look no further than a Stella SW.
Even in today’s modern age, thread line reels continue to push the boundaries and break the rules of fishing theory and tradition. Pushing those boundaries to the edge – Shimano’s Stella series has always been a leader, not a follower.

Featuring the culmination of years of research and Shimano’s latest in advanced reel technology - the SW series raises and once again sets the benchmark for quality in the high end spinning reel market.
Six models complete the range, ideal for everything from popping and jigging to gamefishing and general sportfishing. So what makes a Stella so stella? Unequalled engineering excellence coupled with over 80 years experience in producing precision high performance equipment – how many other reels do you know that can produce drag pressures in excess of 20kg with enough low-down torque to hustle massive gamefish….and, maintain an inexplicable smooth, fluid-like operation?
Shimano engineers also managed to masterfully maintain the trademark operational smoothness of each reel yet still gain a significant increase in gear durability. This enhancement was to be called Paladin – featuring a cold-forged main gear and stainless steel pinion. Even more impressive is the fact that each model has received a decrease in overall weight which equals greater and more comfortable fishability.
Another essential component of the Stella SW is the Propulsion Line Management system, putting an end to virtually all line twist and wind knot issues – Propulsion Spool Lip with exclusive anti-scratch coating, ultra tough SR One-Piece Bail system, SR Arm Cam, redesigned Bail Trip and Power Roller IV with over-flange for the ultimate in line protection.
For coming Heavy Jigging Expedition to East Java on this October, I love to prepare suitable & perfect heavy jigging machine for targeting Amberjack & Big Doggies. After get some advice from my new fishing buddies, Abg. Mukhtar & Kenny, No more turn back & just grab this reel form K.C at Kepong Tackle.

Paired this reel with EA PE5 Custom Deep Jigging by Kenny(ExtremeAnglers) and loaded with 500mtr Varivas Avani GT PE6(80lbs).

At first, i feel this reel is too big, bulky & heavy for me but after joined it together with rod & make some simulation with Kenny, i just think it's ok for me. As long it's for Heavy Expedition, i need this reel for not to be regret & frustrating on my Expedition to East Java later.

Why? If you targeting Doggies or Tuna in Deep Drop Off in East Java Water, you need to have one reel which can loaded minimum 400mtr PE5/6 mainline.

Ultimated Ultra Heavy Jigging Machine - No Doubt
08 SW20000PG match with Gold Fisherman Handle Knob : Just perfect combination..
Hyper Twin Disk Drag : SW20000PG

Gold & GunMetal Body

New decorative hole..just awesome

Fully loaded with 500m trusted Varivas Avani GT PE6

Shimano Waterproof Drag Washer

Shimano AR-C Spool
Japan Domestic Model (JDM) with serial number : 538700

.: SW Hyper Twin Disk Drag :.
.: Dyna Balance :.
.: New SW Concept :.
.: Fluidrive II :.
.: Aluminium Cold Forged Spool :.
.: Anti Rust Bearing (SA-RB) :.
.: Super Stooper II :.
.: Power Roller IV - Oversized Line Roller :.
.: One Piece Bail :.
.: SW Barrier Gear :.
.: Easy Maintenance :.
.: Waterproof Drag Washer :.

.: Retrieve Ratio - 4.4:1 :.
.: Retrieve Per Crank - 104cm :.
.: Bearings - 14+1 :.
.: Weight - 845g :.
.: Line Capacity - PE5-600m, PE6-500m, PE8-350m :.
.: Ideal Drag - 15kg :.
.: Max Drag - 25kg :.
.: Japan Made for JDM :.

July 06, 2009

Drag Setting Recommendation/Suggestion

The drag mechanism on your reel is designed to allow line to peel off from your spool before the weight or fight of a fish causes it to break. A result of this is that very large fish can be subdued on comparatively light line.

The best setting for your drag is to adjust it to one third of the breaking strain of the line in use. To do this, tie the end of your line to the hook on a set of pocket scales or a spring balance. Have someone hold the scales steady while you walk slowly away from them, pointing the rod tip directly at the scales. The measurement obtained is the drag straight off the reel, without any interference from friction over runners, sinker or the water. Adjust the drag until the scales read roughly one third of the breaking strain of you line.

Imagine if you are fishing from the rocks. You are casting a lure on your 10 kg spinning outfit, when suddenly a huge 30 kg fish takes your lure. The fish's immediate reaction is to bolt. With only 3 kg of drag set on your reel (1/3 of the breaking strain of your line), the best thing you can do is to keep the rod tip low and let the line run. The pressure of the hook in the fish's mouth, taking into account the friction and water drag, could be as close to 7 kg, and there is no way that the fish will go too far with the equivalent of 2 house bricks hanging from its jaw. Chances are that the fish will slow down or stop after a run of about 200 m. Most spools, dependant on the thickness of the monofilament that's been reeled on, can hold up to 270 m of line.

As soon as the run stops, get that rod tip up high and put the pressure on. Your job now is to turn the fish's head and begin pumping it in. With the pressure exerted by the rod, you'll be pulling as much as an extra 3 to 4 kg at the top of each pumping stroke. The pump stroke is basically that of pulling on the line on the up-stroke, and reeling the line in on the down-stroke.

Should the fish suddenly bolt again, drop your rod immediately and point the tip of the rod straight down at the fish. If you keep it high, you'll most probably break your line.

After 25 minutes of hard work, you have the fish just 30 m away from the rocks, but now its just hanging there, deep in the water, using the backwash against its flanks to resist your efforts. Every time you pump, line just slips off against the drag and you gain nothing. This is where most anglers make a fatal mistake, by cranking on more drag to haul in the fish. Instead, use your hand against the reel to physically add more pressure on each lifting stroke of your rod. This way, if the fish does really bolt again, your safe knowing that the drag settings are still set right. By altering the angle of the rod and by manually overriding the reel, you've been able to constantly adjust the pressure on the fish, without fiddling with the drag.

In nine out of ten times, you'll be able to land your fish without altering the drag from one third the breaking strain of the line. The only big exception to the rule is a fish taking a great deal of your line, ie more than half of your spool. Due to the basic laws of physics, by the time your reel is half empty of line, the drag has effectively doubled. Therefore, if a big fish runs off more than half your line, it pays to ease off the drag if you want to bring it home. Only when you are down to the last 20-30 metres of line, should you go for broke. Don't tighten the drag to much, but use your palm or finger pressure to try and stop the run. If you have only a few turns of line left on the reel, then should you lock the drag completely. With luck, the fish will stop well short of spooling you. Then it's a long haul bringing in the fish that hopefully wont get away !

Remember, that your line is fatiguing and that a small hook may be straightening slowly during the battle. You should actually be decreasing the pressure as time goes by. A dangerous moment in any battle is the first time the fisherman sees the fish. No matter how tired (or dead) the fish looks, back your drag off slightly when it comes into view. The shorter length of line you are now working with has less elasticity and less room for error. Always be prepared for a last minute burst of action from the fish.

You might be lulled into the belief that the fish has given up the fight and is ready to pack it in. This illusion will be dispelled when the fish comes into view, as it approaches the surface. Usually, the fish will panic, so be ready for the run that follows. You must keep up the pressure on the fish at all times. This will tire it out, and force it to go back along the pull of the line, towards you. (by FishSA)

Tool : Drag Checker
image from PLAT

How to Use Drag Checker
What is drag checker?

::Traditionally, we generally put a rod spring balance on the tip of the rod to setup the drag or check the rod deflection load. With this method, a second person was needed to read the scale because the position of the balance is too far from the person holding the rod. Drag setup is especially hard to calculate, and is frequently based on experience of the fisherman and his best instincts.

::The drag checker has made drag measurements possible with the reel and rig set on the fishing rod close to your hands without any line modifications. The drag checker has a night line function that memorizes the measurement value, making it possible for one-man to measure tension and rod deflection load. The drag checker has full functionality to sufficiently obtain the performance of a rod, reel and line.
image from PLAT
(1)Drag Measurement
As you know drag prevents the fish from cutting the string. The drag checker makes the drag setup easy and quick.

How to measure
1. Bridge the line from the reel as shown in the picture.
2. Pull the string slowly, straight toward the arrow.
3. Read the needle
* at the start of drag.
* Measurement is easy because the orange needle display remains even after releasing the tension.

image from PLAT
(2)Rod Deflection Measurement
This measurement helps you understand how much deflection the rod will have for the amount of given force.

How to measure
1. Set the tackle. Then fix the tip of the line.
2. Install the anti-deflection wire on the main body.
3. Set the drag checker at this position.
4. Bend the rod to the desired deflection to measure.
5. Check the measurement value.
* Be aware that the values change depending on the angle of the rod. When you measure the drag by fixing the drag checker on the line from the rod, the measurement value will differ from the measurement in front of the reel. Be sure to make comparisons.

Info for Malaysian Anglers base on my experiences and my mate experiences during fishing with me.

Sedikit penerangan mengenai kefahaman saya dalam menentukan drag setting bagi peralatan-peralatan sedia ada saya. Yang UTAMA sekali, saya perlu untuk mengetahui kemampuan Rod. Kenapa Rod yang paling saya utamakan, kenapa tidak reel@line ?

Seperti yang saya ketahui, ramai antara pemancing yang menggunakan reel-reel yang canggih manggih yang mana drag setting maksimum yang telah disediakan oleh pembuat adalah di luar kemampuan/ketahanan pemancing itu sendiri. Dan terdapat juga pemancing yang menggunakan line (braided/mono) yang besar(poundage) dengan harapan untuk mengelakkan putus semasa menumpaskan gergasi lautan..kononya. Persoalannya, mampukah anda untuk menahan asakan gergasi lautan yang tidak diketahui saiznya ? Mungkin Reel & line anda mampu, bagaimana dengan Rod anda. Mampukah ia ?

Saya utamakan rod dalam menentukan kekuatan drag yang ingin disetkan pada reel adalah kerana keupayaan rod adalah terbatas. Terdapat pembuat yang telah menetapkan tahap ketahan drag bagi rod-rod yang telah mereka keluarkan. Ianya telah diuji sebelum dipasarkan. Jadi alangkah baiknya kita ikut spesifikasi yang telah ditetapkan oleh pembuat ataupun kurang sedikit dari yang telah ditetapkan oleh pembuat. Ini kerana keupayaan rod menahan drag mengikut sudut perlawanan samada 30deg@45deg@90deg adalah berlainan. Ini tidak terkecuali terhadap jenama-jenama rod yang hebat seperti Fisherman, Smith, Carpenter dll. Semuanya mempunyai tahap maksimum tersendiri dalam menentukan ketahanan menahan drag.

Sebagai contoh : anda menggunakan Stella18000 + Carpenter PE8 dan bertarung dengan mangsa 30kg. Sedia maklum Stella18000 mempunyai drag hampir 25kg. Apakah tahap sesuai untuk menentukan setting drag anda. Takkan anda nak setkan drag sehingga 20kg. kalau anda mampu sekalipun, mampukah CarpenterPE8 untuk menahan drag setting tersebut ? Bagi saya CarpenterPE8 tu boleh patah tiga. Ini kerana anggaran bagi drag setting CarpenterPE8 pada 30deg=12kg, 45deg=10kg & 90deg=6kg. Kalau anda setkan drag pada 15kg pun rod tersebut boleh patah. Untuk situasi ini, drag setting yang saya rekomenkan adalah dalam lingkungan 8kg sahaja. Ini pun boleh patah pinggang di buatnya. Bagaimana dengan ikan 30kg tersebut ? Sebenarnya, tak perlu dikhuatirkan sangat dengan ikan besar ini. Ini kerana kalau ia nak pecut bawa tali sampai habis sekalipun tak apa. Ini bermaksud kita memang tak berupaya untuk menahan lariannya walaupun drag telah di setkan pada setting yang sesuai. Lebih baik hilang line dari patah rod. Line boleh reload, rod nak sambung macam mana ? Biarkan ikan tersebut memecut dahulu, ianya pasti akan berhenti untuk mengumpulkan semula tenaga. Ini lah masa yang perlu di manfaatkan oleh pemancing bagi memalingkan muka ikan tersebut ke arah pemancing dan membuat pump+karauan sedikit demi sedikit. Jika ia lari lagi, biarkan sehingga ianya berhenti semula & ulang pump+karauan. Ikan yang lari dengan membawa beban drag yang telah kita tetapkan tadi, walaupun bersaiz 30kg++ akan penat/letih. Jadi inilah peluang kita untuk mendaratkan ikan tersebut iaitu dengan meletihkan ikan, bukan set drag ke tahap maksimum.

Jangan sesekali tambahkan drag dari yang telah ditetapkan semasa perlawanan bagi menghentikan larian ikan. Ini adalah kesilapan biasa pemancing(termasuk saya) kerana telah huru-hara dikerjakan dek larian pantas ikan yang seolah-olah tak nak berhenti & menyebabkan line di spool hampir habis. Pada masa ini lah biasanya pemancing baru tahu akan tahap kemampuan rod mereka. Reel dah hebat, line dah kuat & shock leader dah bagus tapi dah terlambat sebab rod 1pc dan jadi 3pc. Ini yang selalu terjadi di depan mata saya sendiri bagi pemancing-pemancing hebat tetapi tidak mengetahui secara terperinci tentang ketahanan rod mereka. Terpaksalah jadi penonton je lepas tu...

Bagi saya yang mempunyai saiz badan boleh kata kurus keding (tinggi=168cm, berat=55kg) ni, set drag yang ideal adalah dalam lingkungan 6kg~7kg walaupun pakai Stella20000@Dogfight sekalipun. Itulah kemampuan yang saya dapat tahan dengan fizikal ketinggian 168cm & berat 55kg. Kalau lebih set takut saya jatuh ke laut lak tarik dek ikan. Maklumlah sayang reel+rod kononya, nyawa tak sayang lak.

Sebab itu saya katakan tadi, ketahui tahap kemampuan rod kita dahulu baru boleh setkan drag ke tahap ketahanan badan yang kita mampu. Jangan menyeksa diri sendiri.

Saya tidak ada drag checker, macam mana nak setting drag ?

Bagi diri saya, saya menggunakan penimbang biasa. Caranya setupkan reel & rod anda seperti anda akan bertarung sebentar lagi macam dalam gambar kat bawah ni.

image from PLAT

1) Sambungkan line kepada penimbang dan minta kawan2 @ isteri2 @ anak2 (yg mana mampu) tolong pegangkan penimbang yang telah di sambungkan dengan line tadi lebih kurang 3 meter dari jarak anda yang sedang memegang rod sambil posing fighting.

2)Turunkan hujung rod selari dengan penimbang dan angkat perlahan-lahan rod sehingga mencapai anggaran sudut 30deg(bagi saya-takut rod patah).

3)Setkan sedikit demi sedikit reel drag anda dan ulang langkah no.2 serta baca bacaan pada penimbang sehingga mencapai tahap yang anda inginkan.Anda akan dapati jika drag set anda masih tidak mencapai tahap yang anda kehendaki, line akan keluar dari spool. Ulang langkah tersebut sehingga line anda keluar pada tahap yang minimum. Jika line anda hanya keluar pada kadar yang lebih pada bacaan penimbang & tahap yang anda kehendaki, bermakna drag set anda telah terlebih dan harus release sedikit sehingga mencapai yang anda kehendaki.

Selamat mencuba.